I’ve worked with scores of marketing experts, authors, and publishing professionals over the years. Here’s what they have to say about my work:

“As a Blog Editor, Tara excels. She has taken the U.S. blog to incredibly high levels of productivity and smashed all records for readership. An editorial double-edge sword, she both writes and elicits the best from guest bloggers. Her ability to instantly establish rapport and set inspiring topics with authors is a wonder. From Analytics and audience outreach, she’s ably built keyword and topic sets around the most welcome content. From this, her editorial calendar leads the social and boosts the live media by strategically increasing awareness. Whether it is newly-released product features, or industry trends, or fresh news, Tara can spin gold. Every content marketing team needs a Tara.” – Michael Stricker, fmr. manager, SEMrush US Marketing Director

“Tara is an exceptional blog editor and writer. In my time as Content Writer with SEMrush Tara exhibited effective leadership of the blog site and always strove to provide readers with the latest information on digital marketing. She brought knowledge and experience to a blog site that sorely needed it. I would recommend Tara to anyone looking to enhance their company’s social media connections.” – John Connolly, fmr. content writer, SEMrush

“Tara is a sharp, dedicated employee who cares deeply about the company she works for, the clients she serves and the products/services she offers. I’ve see Tara cultivate and maintain strong relationships with internal and external clients, earning their trust and delivering a lot of value. At the same time, she is deadline and results driven and is assertive in project execution. Tara is smart, well-read and educated in her field, and she’s also excellent with research when she does not know the answer. She is a terrific co-worker. I would work with her again in an instant and I highly recommend her.” – David Maturo, fmr. manager, VP, Xlibris Corporation

“Tara has shown great organization, enthusiasm and imagination in working with me to enhance both of our respective brands. This exchange has brought great value to Didit, and Tara’s generosity, professionalism and expert editorial has made this possible. This is a classic textbook example of how to do outreach right.” – Chris Bell, Didit Marketing

“She always makes the jobs of those around her easier and much less stressful through her resourcefulness, time management skills, dedication to the team dynamic and a meticulous attention to detail. Her professional demeanor, genuine desire to assist others, and keen eye as a proofreader make Tara an extremely valuable asset.” – Art Schkolnik, fmr. manager at hibu

“Tara has always been cool under pressure in the face of difficulties with both customers and co-workers alike. Undaunted by difficult tasks, she’s more than proven that she can handle whatever communications-related tasks you can throw at her. I’d recommend her to anyone who needs to deal with difficult customers or important documentation.” – David Ellis, freelance writer for The Geek Initiative, fmr. coworker, hibu

“Tara is personable and professional with coworkers, managers, and clients alike. She is an excellent writer who always has time to help a colleague no matter what else is on her plate. A superb communicator both orally and in writing, Tara brings intelligence, a strong work ethic, and people skills to the table.” – Lisa Jobe, fmr. coworker, hibu

“She impresses us constantly with her excitement and dedication when it comes to spreading the word. Tara finds every possible way to market something and is extremely professional.” – Tina Degenhart, fmr. coworker, Seventh Kingdom IGE/Proj. Omega LLC

“Tara has always been a professional and respectful colleague, who kept me informed of changes to her schedule that affected me as an assistant processing her issues. This consideration made Tara stand out among the twenty-some production editors I assisted over the course of my eleven months in the position. I am sure she is comparably efficient, organized, and communicative with her freelance clients.” – Christina LaVecchia, fmr. production assistant, Taylor & Francis