LARP, Storytelling, Theater

I’ve always been immersed in fiction and the art of storytelling. As a reader, writer, editor, and marketer, the most natural way for me to understand and be understood is through story. My own story involves living at the intersection of marketing and geek culture.

Live Action Role Play (LARP)

My favorite past time is LARP, or live action role play.

LARP means many things to many people throughout the world; in some contexts, it’s a competitive, points-based game. In others, it’s an art form. Sometimes it’s both.

It’s always a collaborative story, and that’s where it will forever capture my interest. LARP lets you develop and execute stories by assuming a role. I use LARP as a means of entertainment, but it’s also a wonderful path to self-discovery and relationship building. Through interactions in and out of game, I’ve discovered strong networking connections and I’ve developed my own leadership and public speaking skills.

I even host LARP Chat Live:

Here are a few of the LARP projects I’ve been involved in:

LARP Game Design

American Colonial Era Spy LARP – More information coming soon! In development.

New World Magischola

I participate in this groundbreaking collegiate wizard school LARP environment as a player. New World Magischola is an empowering experience allowing players to repeatedly grow and explore in a safe and inclusive environment.

I also helped copyedit the Compendium of North American Cryptids & Magical Creatures. I explore the Magimundi (magical world) multiple times per year at North American locations.

Seventh Kingdom IGE

I served as marketing director (staff) at Seventh Kingdom IGE for the game’s first few years. This immersive boffer fantasy combat game lives up to its potential.

As marketing director, I:

I also networked with LARP organizers nationally which led to substantial media coverage for the game.

I learned SEO and linkbuilding best practices during my time with Seventh Kingdom, ensuring the game ranked for search terms in the competitive South Jersey market.

During my time as marketing director, the game appeared on NBC 10 (Philadelphia) and in local newspapers. Seventh Kingdom also participated in Realm of LARP, where we helped creators bring a live action role play reality show to life.

I am still an enthusiastic and active player at Seventh Kingdom and attend events monthly.

LARP Articles and Blog Posts

Throughout the years, I’ve authored blog posts about LARP:

I’m also an admin of The Larpettes community on Facebook. This active and supportive community is for LARPers who identify as women.


I’ve served in multiple roles in The Mill Race Theatrical Co. (TMRTCo) from 2011-2016. Based in Mt. Holly, NJ, TMRTCo creates and produces nontraditional independent work.

Past Projects

The Poe ProjectThe Poe Project (2016): Crowdfunding Campaign Manager, Playwright (co-written with Tom Greenfield), Blogger, Outbound Public Relations Manager, Voice Actor (recorded)

An exploration of Edgar Allan Poe presented through shadow puppetry, video, and live performance.

Victorian Seance Demonstration (2014-2015):
Actor (as ‘Mrs. Smith’)

A demonstration of a Victorian seance, revealing many tricks and chicanery. Presented on historical site.

Miss Lilly's Seance ParlorMount Holly Zombie Crawl (2014): Social Media Manager

A town-wide zombie event encouraging audience participation through use of voluntary makeup and Twitter hashtags.

Miss Lilly’s Seance Parlor (2011-2014): Crew, Social Media Manager, Voice Actor (recorded)

An intimate, limited-seating interactive theatrical experience through which the audience uncovers a dark story in an abandoned home.