Writer, Editor, Digital Content Manager, Geek

Tara ClapperWelcome to the geeky, professional pursuits of Tara M. Clapper.

I’m a writer, editor, digital content manager, and forever geek living in Philadelphia, PA, USA. With a background in publishing and marketing, I’ve served as a website specialist, blog editor, content writer, and senior editor of digital publications. I’m also a freelance developmental editor and have helped authors solidify and polish sci-fi, fantasy, and suspense manuscripts.

Whether I’m talking about marketing data or the latest comic book movie, story is life.

I’m passionate about:

I enjoy interviewing talented individuals for podcasts and live chats and have appeared on various podcasts, panels, and webinar channels as speaker about digital marketing and geek culture.

I’ve interviewed celebrities including James McCartney, Paige Davis, Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer), and many more. However, my favorite interview opportunities involve innovators in geek culture and digital marketing.

As a blog editor, I love spotting trends and bringing them to¬†light. It’s the cornerstone of my purpose.

Get the details about my previous experience on LinkedIn or my portfolio site.